How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry

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The following is a series of lessons on ‘How to Succeed in The Entertainment Industry.’ Please take notes and jot down your thoughts and ideas. You will be inspired!

A Great Course for Actors
There is no shortcut to success, unless, of course, you have a very famous relative in the industry or great contacts.
There is no guarantee you will make it in Hollywood, but you can be successful in the entertainment industry.  Doubtless, the most important thing is to have that X-factor. It comes natural, but you can enhance that persona if you do the right things.
It takes charisma, talent, and ability to be “discovered.” Competition is high. Be honest with yourself about your star quality before committing time, energy and finances.
Be sure to have a side income until you get your big break. It’s also good to have a fallback in case things don’t work out.

Remember, acting is a business, and you have to be business-minded. You need to proceed strategically and logically to achieve your dreams.

Section 1Three Potential Routes to Success
Lecture 1
Section 2Get Educated
Lecture 2
Section 3Get Out There
Lecture 3
Section 4Market Yourself
Lecture 4
Section 5Be Persistent and Consistent
Lecture 5
Section 6Conclusion
Lecture 6
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